So apparently Sunggyu will be a guest on Happy Together. And it will be aired TOMORROW. TOMORROW GUISE. It means it has the same date with This is Infinite. They will release it both on the same day. /do you want more emphasizing or…/ Why would they do that? Really? I’m not that complaining tho. It’s just that there’ll be too much Sunggyu tommo and I don’t think I can handle that.

They are probably trying to kill us all Sunggyu stans ;; Goodluck y’all. /whispers/ they said they will talk about Sunggyu’s first kiss… how about n o

(cr on the owners of the pics. Gyu looks like a child trying to fit himself on the blanket ;; )

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I just really hate all of them. They make me cry blood. Hello~

casually ranting........